We’re proud of the verdicts, judgments, and settlements we’ve won on behalf of our clients, and the difference we’ve made in helping them put their worlds back together and forge new futures. The civil justice system is a powerful tool that not only provides justice and compensation for individuals who have been wronged, but also helps change public policy to prevent others from being hurt in the future. In the big picture, that is the change we seek. But we do it one person, one case, and one story at a time.

  • $2,500,000 Overtime violations for store managers
  • $1,400,000 Race discrimination in employment
  • $1,200,000 Overtime violations for social workers
  • $875,000 Retaliation against a government employee
  • $806,075 Jury verdict for disability discrimination
  • $630,000 Sexual assault of a student
  • $630,000 Failure to pay overtime to collection workers
  • $525,000 Sexual assault of a student
  • $420,000 Failure to pay overtime to employees misclassified as managers
  • $420,000 Sexual harassment in a school environment
  • $400,000 Multiple workers subject to harassment in the health care environment
  • $368,000 Sexual harassment & workplace bullying
  • $240,000 Disability discrimination in the workplace
  • $237,500 Race discrimination in employment
  • $215,500 Multiple employees subjected to age discrimination in the school environment
  • $195,000 Age and sex discrimination and retaliation in the gaming industry
  • $182,000 Sexual harassment and retaliation in an industrial workplace
  • $145,000 Failure to pay minimum wage to contracted housekeepers
  • $140,000 Retaliation for reporting unlawful activity in the workplace
  • $137,500 First Amendment retaliation in higher education
  • $130,000 Pregnancy discrimination in employment by government contractor
  • $125,000 Age discrimination of employee in school environment
  • $113,500 Disability discrimination and battery in the workplace
  • $111,000 Disability discrimination and retaliation in a public school
  • $110,000 Gender discrimination related to sexual orientation in a school environment
  • $109,000 Retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment in law enforcement
  • $107,500 Gender and sex discrimination at work

Disclaimer: Past results are not a representation or guarantee of future results. Each case is different and must be judged on its own merits. You should consult an attorney for specific advice regarding your specific situation.

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